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Kizomba Magic was created by Michael Bondo, "Magic Mike", in 2014. Magic Mike is one of the pioneers of Kizomba in Arizona, and has worked hard to grow the Kizomba community and expose this beautiful dance style to the Valley of the Sun.

Magic Mike decided it was time to take Kizomba to the next level by providing an opportunity for intermediate students to learn, grow, practice and perform! Magic Mike and his partner Jenny (who he trained) held their first audition for Kizomba Magic. Although they had a great turn out, they realized the Kizomba community was not yet strong enough in technique or connection to represent the quality Magic Mike strives to achieve. After six months of working with students, Magic Mike and Jenny held a second audition and the Kizomba Magic team was formed. Kizomba Magic will be debuting new choreography at NeoKiz 2017!

Kizomba Magic - IF you can FEEL, you can CONNECT.

2017/18 Team Member

Michael Bondo, “Magic Mike”, was born in Zimbabwe, and raised in Kenya Nairobi. He began dancing at the young age of five when he fell in love with the art of dance. Early in his life, Magic Mike danced locally, engaging in dances related to the native Kenyan culture. After completing high school, Magic Mike began competing in local street freestyle competitions, which jump-started his career in dance. He used dance as a way to earn money to help support his family following the loss of his father at an early age. As he grew, Magic Mike began to explore other forms of dance and became interested in many forms of dance including social dances such as Salsa, Bachata, Semba and Kizomba. Magic Mike is mostly self-taught, but was instructed by a friend from Cuba in both Salsa and Bachata. His love of dance and personal creativity inspired him to seek out and learn other dances such as Argentine Tango, which he initially learned from watching DVDs. Magic Mike had the opportunity to attend the Escuela de Tango in Argentina, where he learned the proper form and technique for Argentine Tango.

Magic Mike has taught and performed at the American Embassy (Kenya Nairobi), Spanish Speaking Association Gala (Kenya Nairobi), Karen Country Club (Kenya Nairobi), United Nations Recreation Center (Kenya Nairobi), International School of Kenya (Kenya, Nairobi), Papusa Festival (Phoenix, Az), Dance for Dental (Phoenix, Az), Phoenix Suns (Phoenix, Az), Festival of the Arts (Phoenix, Az), Tempe Marketplace (Phoenix, Az), and Village Healthclub and Spa . He was recognized as a Kizomba Ambassador for Got Kizomba Festival (San Francisco, CA).

Magic Mike currently dances Kizomba, Urban Kizomba, Semba, Salsa, Argentine Tango, Bachata, Merengue, Reggeaton, Flamenco, and Samba. He is the founder and member of the Kizomba Magic dance company. Magic Mike strives to share his love and talent for dance through teaching and performing, as well as to continue his personal growth in dance by learning new dance forms. In his free time, Magic Mike enjoys restoring vintage cars, traveling, watching movies, socializing, and fitness training and competition.

2017/18 Team Member
2017 Team Member

Daniel Green was born and raised in Houston, Texas. After joining the Air Force in 2012, he soon became stationed in South Korea where he started to learn Salsa and Bachata. He was then moved to Phoenix, AZ and started progressing his latin dance skills by going to classes and traveling the country attending festivals. In November of 2016, he started taking kizomba classes with Michael Byola or "Magic Mike". Even though he prefers Bachata, he had blast learning Kizomba and after few months, he tried out for the Kizomba Magic team. It will be his first dance performance team and his goal is to advance his skills in Kizomba. In his spare time he likes to drive or work on his car, play video games, and most importantly dance.

2017 Team Member

Kristina started taking Salsa & Bachata lessons when she moved to Arizona 8 years ago. Attended her first Dance Festival in Tucson and was hooked. Later took her first Kizomba workshop in Tucson and fell in love with the dance. She traveled to Phoenix once a month to learn Kizomba from Magic Mike and to attend the monthly social. has joined several dance teams: Tucson casineros, Alma Tucson, Monzón DivAZ, & Kizomba Magic. She has been traveling all over US attending different festivals and wants to keep learning and dancing.

2017/18 Team Member

My name is Gayan. I was born and raised in Sri Lanka. Started dancing 4 years ago because I enjoy dance. I dance salsa, bachata and kizomba. I have performed salsa, Bachata, Kizomba and cha cha under various dance companies including Latin Vibe, Alma Latina salsa and bachata, Viveza and Kizomba Magic. I aspire to excel in salsa, bachata and kizomba.

2017/18 Team Member

Hello my name is Marley. I was born in U.S. Raised in the sunny state of Arizona. I first got involved in dancing 1 year ago. just some salsa classes at my local college with Sam Fisher. Although I enjoyed it, I became very interested in Kizomba and urbankiz about a year ago. I have been taught by Magic Mike &Jenny . Who have been nothing but phenomenal instructors. I highly recommend them and admire their work ethic. They have taught me almost everything I know about Kizomba and I hope to continue to grow and learn from them. In 2016 I joined a Latin dance team "Alma Latina" I performed a bachata routine. So in conclusion I have learned bachata, salsa and currently still learning Kizomba dance. My goals are to be a growing dancer and always be learning new technique, body isolation and to be more involved in the urbankiz/Kizomba community. My achievements in dance would be to get rid of my stage fright!

2017 Team Member

Gindira Kelly Cervantes
Was born in Panama city Panama...raised in the port city of Colon, As a Panamanian...dancing is very important...can't call yourself Panamanian if you don't know how to dance so we learn from very little just by dancing with family and friends at birthday parties and such.
kelly has never taken any dance classes until now that she joined Kizomba classes with Magic Mike. she has performed with Panamanian Folkloric group national folkloric dances.
I love watch movies, read about history, and of course practice patterns by watching youtube videos.
I want to continue to grow as a dancer but most of all continue to feel and enjoy the music the different rhythms.